Know Your Lock Type: Get the Right Price

Being locked outside your place or losing your car keys can be extremely stressful situation, especially for the latter. You’ll probably need a dealership or a locksmith company that can provide you with instantaneous service no matter where you are.

But what about the pricing?

Well we at Lock House Orange County, took it upon ourselves to provide you with information about the kind of lock you’re looking at so you don’t get swindled out of your hard earned money for a service that may cost significantly less.

So let’s get started.


For a simple Kwikset lock, the biggest thing you need to acknowledge is that the keyhole looks alot more circular when you’re observing it. Which makes it easy to pick and hence the price should also be lower.

As for the smart key kwikset locking mechanism, it looks very similar to a regular lock but next to the cylinder you can see a small dot for most of the designs. These are notoriously difficult to open up, and unfortunately we’ve mostly have had to drill them to get inside in our experience.


For Schlege, the keyhole itself is alot more triangular on top which makes them very easy to pick (for us locksmiths, not for others mind you).

Hence this will cost you significantly less

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