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Welcome to The Lock House, your premier locksmith service in Fullerton, CA. We provide comprehensive and reliable locksmith services to meet all your security needs. Whether you are locked out of your home, need a new car key, or require advanced security solutions for your business, our team of experts is here to help.

 We take pride in our expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction, making us the go-to locksmith service in Orange County.

At Lock House Orange County, we are proud to offer veterans in Fullerton up to 20% off when they book a call with our locksmith company. This discount is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the quality locksmith services we provide.

Our Locksmith Prices In Fullerton, CA

Service Category Specific Service Starting Price
Emergency Locksmith Residential Lockout $65
Commercial Lockout $75
Car Lockout $60
Key Extraction $65
Automotive Service Regular Ignition Key Replacement $90+
Push to Start Vehicle Key Replacement $140+
Key Programming $80
Ignition Replacement $180+
Key Extraction $120+
Rekey Service Residential $35
Commercial $45
Keypad Programming $120
Lock Change Service Residential $70
Commercial $85
Lock Fix $55
Solving 85% of Your Issues within an Hour!
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Our Locksmith Services in Fullerton, CA

At Lock House Orange County, we offer a wide range of locksmith solutions to meet diverse needs. Whether you need a simple car key replacement or a comprehensive security system upgrade for your home, we’ve got you covered. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Automotive
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Emergency services

We are available at your convenience and provide a FREE quote whenever you need one. Now, let’s delve into the specifics of our services

Automotive Locksmith Services

Automotive locksmith services specialize in addressing issues related to vehicle locks and keys. These services are crucial for vehicle owners who face lockouts or need key replacements. Key services include:

  • Car Lockout Services: Providing rapid assistance to drivers locked out of their vehicles, often available 24/7.
  • Key Duplication and Replacement: Creating duplicate keys or replacing lost or damaged keys, including transponder and remote keys.
  • Ignition Repair and Replacement: Fixing or replacing faulty ignition systems to ensure the vehicle starts properly.
  • Broken Key Extraction: Safely removing broken keys from locks and ignitions without causing damage.
  • Remote and Key Fob Programming: Programming new or replacement remote controls and key fobs to work with the vehicle’s security system.

Residential Locksmith Services

Residential locksmith services focus on the security and access needs of homes and apartments. These services are essential for homeowners who want to enhance their home’s safety or find themselves locked out. The primary responsibilities of a residential locksmith include:

  • Emergency Lockout Assistance: Providing immediate help to homeowners locked out of their homes, often available 24/7.
  • Lock Installation and Repair: Installing new locks or repairing existing ones to ensure the security of doors, windows, and other entry points.
  • Rekeying Services: Changing the internal pins of a lock to work with a new key, which is a cost-effective way to enhance security without replacing the entire lock.
  • Smart Lock Installation: Upgrading traditional locks to modern, keyless entry systems that offer enhanced security and convenience.
  • Safe Installation and Opening: Installing safes to protect valuables and providing services to open them if the combination is lost.

Commercial Locksmith Services

Commercial locksmith services are designed to meet the unique security needs of businesses and commercial properties. These services ensure that business premises are secure and accessible to authorized personnel only. Key responsibilities include:

  • Office Lockout Services: Quick response to lockouts to minimize downtime and restore access for employees.
  • High-Security Lock Installation: Installing robust locks that provide higher resistance to tampering and unauthorized access.
  • Master Key Systems: Creating systems where a single master key can unlock multiple locks, simplifying access control for business owners and managers.
  • Access Control Systems: Implementing advanced security measures like electronic keypads, card readers, and biometric access systems to control entry points.
  • Panic Bars and Exit Devices: Installing safety devices on exit doors to ensure compliance with safety regulations and facilitate quick evacuation during emergencies.

Emergency Locksmith Services

Emergency locksmith services are available around the clock to provide immediate assistance for urgent lock-related issues. These services are essential for individuals who need help outside of regular business hours. Main responsibilities include:

  • 24/7 Availability: Offering locksmith services at any time, day or night, including weekends and holidays.
  • Rapid Response: Ensuring a quick arrival to the site of the emergency, typically within minutes of the call.
  • Comprehensive Emergency Solutions: Addressing a wide range of urgent issues, from residential and commercial lockouts to automotive emergencies.
  • On-the-Spot Repairs and Services: Providing immediate solutions like lock repair, rekeying, and key replacement on-site to resolve the emergency effectively.
  • Security Assessments: Offering quick assessments and temporary solutions to secure properties after break-ins or attempted burglaries.

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